Positivity Strawberry Rose Quartz Necklace (N2711-4)


Positivity Strawberry Rose Quartz Necklace (N2711-4)


Strawberry Rose Quartz – relax and positive, feel the beauty of life, Let go of negative thoughts and have good personal relationships.



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the occasion to wear ♥

Strawberry Rose Quartz makes you relax and positive. Wearing it on daily occasions to enjoy the beauty of life and let people around you in the same delight mood.

more about this jewelry

  • Material: Natural Strawberry Rose Quartz and Tourmaline, 14K Gold Filled wire and closure.
  • Total Length(the one shown on photos): 16 + 1″ extender  (the length excludes the pendant )

Please measure the correct size to choose your preferred length.

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the story of this jewelry

6mm blood-red and 3mm orange Strawberry Rose Quartz, plus 14K gold beads connected to be a horizontal bar. Under it, I used one Dark Pink Tourmaline and two different size of strawberry Rose Quartz as a tiny pendant. On the chain, some more beautiful gemstones were decorated scattered. The whole design of this necklace is asymmetry. You can have the horizontal bar as the center of the necklace, or have the tiny pendant be the one. It’s interesting to see how it balance on your neck!

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