Heal Jade Earrings (E0702-10)



Heal Jade Earrings (E0702-10)


Jade is the stone of Healing. It carries a sweet, light and nourishing energy to erase the negative thoughts.

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  • Material: Natural Jade, Peridot, Garnet, Strawberry Rose Quartz, Amazonite.

(optional) 925 Sterling Silver or 14K Gold Filled wire.

  • Total Length: approx 1.7″ (2″ including the hook)

I had some beautiful white-ring-shaped Jades and had got no idea how to use them. I tried once to make a necklace but not satisfied with the finished work.

These few days it rained constantly and I was eager so much for the fine wether or I was afraid I would get rusted. How about making something rainbow-like so the sky might really appear accordingly.

I used multiple gemstones to create the rainbow image with the ring jade stands for the rainbow shape reflecting on the water surface.

I love the earrings and also made another two works – one necklace, one bracelet as a set. You can wear them at any time on any occasion for them to accompany you just like the beautiful rainbow in the sky.



Gemstone has its natural granted legendary power from the ancient time. However, what matters is yourself. Do you believe you can make your life better? do you take action to achieve your dream goal? May the Message Jewelry as an amulet that will accompany you along the way to your wonderland.

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Gold (14K Gold Filled), Silver (925 Sterling Silver)