Heal Aquamarine double-chain Bracelet (B2052-8)



Heal Aquamarine double-chain Bracelet (B2052-8)


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 the occasion to wear ♥

Blue and Silver are so COOL especially when you feel hot or anxious. They seem can cool down all the uneasy feelings and give calmness, not to mention Aquamarine’s stone power. Wearing this bracelet, hope you can find the true your in the most tranquil emotion.


 more about this jewelry ♥

  • Material: Natural Amazonite and dark-pink Tourmaline, 925 sterling silver bead/ chain/findings.
  • Total Length(the one shown on photos): 6″, not adjustable

Please measure the correct size to choose your preferred length.

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 the story of this jewelry ♥

I chose Amazonite as it is the gemstone that stands for cheerfulness, determination and can call for luck.

Blue and Green are my best-preferred colors. Aquamarine, only by the name, I seemed could smell the scent of the ocean. Blue and 925 Silver matched well. But I should add some different color to outstand the blue… of course, only red series color can play the role.

Eventually, I chose two different Gemstones which are in pink color. The bracelet looked simple, but it took time to connect so many different gemstones. The finished jewelry really possesses the feeling of the summer ocean. I love it.

This winter is not as cold as the winter should be. Once in a while, I’d go buying ice cream to enjoy the sweet flavor and really feel chilly from my stomach. Winter Ocean… not so terrible.

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Bracelet Length

5.5", 6", 6.5", 7", 7.5"