Clean Peridot Earrings (E0541-13)



Clean Peridot Earrings (E0541-13)


Peridot is a powerful cleanser. It releases and neutralizes toxins on all the negative including alleviates jealousy, resentment, spite, bitterness, irritation, hatred, and greed. It makes you relax and full of positive energy.

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  • Material: Polygon-Round Peridot in approx. 3.3mm, 14K Gold Filled or 925 Sterling Silver
  • Total Length (the one shown on photos): 27-30mm ( 35-38mm including the earring hook)

Days ago, I made a Garnet Bracelet inspiring from the image of clover. This time I use Peridot, which’s crystal flash green makes the clover turns into a diamond-bright gorgeous work. 4 peridot as a leaf, and 3 leaves connecting to each other as a metaphor of sustainable luck.

Peridot is the stone of clean to wipe off all negative thoughts and turn the mind into positive. Wearing this bracelet, can both bring you luck, relax and active. This is light luxury jewelry for you to wear everyday as a talisman



Gemstone has its natural granted legendary power from the ancient time. However, what matters is yourself. Do you believe you can make your life better? do you take action to achieve your dream goal? May the Message Jewelry be a talisman accompanying you along the way to your wonderland.

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Gold (14K Gold Filled), Silver (925 Sterling Silver)