She was just worried

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Tina, my sister in law, had been in China for work for 1 month. Finally, she could go home by taking the 19:00 plane yesterday. The estimated arrival time at home would be over 24:00. When my Dad, who always sleep late, went to bed around 00:30, Tina still not came home.

While in my deep sleep, I heard the sound of someone climbing up the stairs (my room and Tina’s room are all on the 3rd floor, while all the other family members are on the 2nd floor), I knew she was back. I was still in sleep although I could hear the sound she opened the door and closed it. Not sure what time it was then, but should be very late at midnight.

Still in sleep and for quite a while, I heard the sound from My Mom, who got up to the restroom, and after finishing the “toilet job”, I heard she walking back to her room. Suddenly she stopped at the staircase and yelled “Tina. Tina.” No response. Then she yelled my name “Celia.” Although I could hear her voices, I was still in sleep and was not willing to get up to respond for (well, maybe I was not really in sleep after hearing so many sounds). Then, she started climbing upstairs to the 3rd floor. But soon, she stopped and went downstairs to go back to her room. (I guessed maybe she saw the light from the gape of Tina’s door and knew Tina was at home so she was at ease)

In the beginning (when lied on my bed heard all those sounds), I thought it’s crazy. How could my Mom shout at midnight while everyone was asleep? After day dawn, the first thing I met my Mom was asking her why called out loudly at midnight. She replied ” It’s near 5:00 am when I got up to the toilet and seemed heard a voice from upstairs. It could be Tina coming back so I called out her to make sure”

Parents always care about their children. When we feel their nagging was annoying, try to be grateful for you still have someone care and love you and willing to spend their time on you to make sure whether you are OK and need help. Be thankful all the time, since all the things we take for granted could disappear in the next second.

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