[EP. 8] In Only 3 minutes, you can change your life completely

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Don’t search for the meaning of life. Simply be present for the people you love.  -Maxime Lagacé-

Recently, several celebrities were reported to committing suicide or accidentally passed away. They were rich and famous, and some were even very young. But all those were meaningless when the life went to the end. It’s easy to find this kind of report everywhere in the world. Thinking of those people, somehow it’s kind of bitter and sad.

However, there is an easy way to change a person’s negative thoughts into a brighter one, and it only takes 3 minutes. The method is figuring out who are most important to you? Your parents, kids, or girl/boyfriend? They are the reason why you live in this world.


Whenever you are suffering, remember the people you love, and you will find that there is no obstacle you cannot go through. Finding you are loving and beloved can release stress and generate motivation for you to go forward.


Living in this world just like sitting on a tiny ship alone, boating to the vast endless ocean. You feel so lost and got no idea where to go. But if you can find out the reason of why you exist in the world, which is finding out who you love most, you can aim straightly at the island where your beloved people can live safely by the gentleness of your love.

*** Heal Aquamarine Bracelet ***

Blue and Green are my best-preferred colors. Aquamarine, only by the name, I seemed could smell the scent of the ocean. Blue and 925 Silver matched well. But I should add some different color to outstand the blue… of course, only red series color can play the role.


Eventually, I chose two different Gemstones which are in pink color. The bracelet looked simple, but it took time to connect so many different gemstones. The finished jewelry really possesses the feeling of the summer ocean. I love it


This winter is not as cold as the winter should be. Once in a while, I’d go buying ice cream to enjoy the sweet flavor and really feel chilly from my stomach. Winter Ocean… not so terrible.

Celia  (designer and founder of cocolo.green)

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