[EP. 12] Life is difficult? Well, whatever.

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However difficult life may seem, there is always something you can do and succeed at.
—Stephen Hawking

Do you feel frustrated, stressful and uneasy most time? Do you care about how people might judge you? Do you dislike yourself?

All those negative emotions are from a subconscious belief that “I Should…”

As a woman, I should…
As an employee, I should…
As a human being, I should…

Once you cannot meet the “criteria”, you will feel nervous, unconfident, dislike yourself, be afraid of how people might look at you…At the same time, you’ll also become a person who is strict with others.

“I Should” is usually seen as common sense, which however is helpless to have you a better life.

The method to solve it is “Well, Whatever, Nevermind”

“people dislike me…well, whatever”
“get scolded by your boss…well, whatever”

You might be afraid if not following those criteria some big problems might generate. But actually you will find that nothing happens at all.

“You should not quit your job or you’ll be in trouble.”
In contrast, after quitting your job, you find the real you and are happier, in spite of earning less money in the beginning.

By implementing “well, whatever, nevermind” you will also be kind to other people, be a true you, and lead a better life in quality.


I wanted to make a bracelet that is simple and easy to match with other bracelets so it’s OK to wear several bracelets at the same time.

The red spinel is so small in dimension only 2mm. I matched it with tiny white pearl with 14K Gold filled wire twisted to form a bracelet with a gemstone-decorated half-circle, and the other half-circle is 14Kgf chain to make a classy piece of jewelry.

You can wear multiple bracelets in a simple style, while still bring a little luxury. I’ll design more jewelry in this style for your collection.

Keep in tune.

Celia  (designer and founder of cocolo.green)

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