[EP. 4]  With only one habit you can simply be happier

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If the words you spoke appeared on your skin would you still be beautiful?   -Author Unknown-

Amy was my ex-coworker from another department. The first time I noticed her hostility was when I went to their office discussing something with another colleague, who however turned to ask Amy’s opinion. She then talked to me in an unkind tone using aggressive words. At the moment I finally realized “Oh, she doesn’t like me!” although before I simply thought her impolite speaking way was only a personal characteristic. I was wrong.


From that day, every time I met her, I naturally paid attention to her and noticed that the words she used were almost negative. She complained not receiving correct documents from related departments, she blamed people not doing things following her rules, and she was unhappy. I could see the obvious wrinkles between her eyebrows.

Choose the words you use


Everyone wants to be happy but living in high-tension modern society it seems not an easy thing to achieve. However, you can make yourself much happier in a very simple way. It’s the “words” you are saying.  Have you ever noticed the words you are using? Do you always speak in a positive or negative way? According to the theory of “Confirmation bias”, the words you use will turn into reality. This is because your brain will look for information that confirms your words and ignore everything else.


For instance, your project failed although you put a lot of effort into it. The words from your mouth might be “Damn it, it sucked.” Then you operated your computer to find it froze. “Oh, No, what a scrap”. Time for lunch, but you were absent-minded while chewing a sandwich to bite your lip. “Ouch! it’s hurt. what a bad day today!” Eventually, you defined your whole day was a bad day, and you were a bad luck guy.


In contrast, what if you react to the failed project “Although it didn’t go well, I definitely will make it next time!” Then you found your computer froze “Great, I can take a break for a cup of coffee while it is fixed”. During lunchtime, you really enjoyed the delicious sandwich and wonder “what a great day today!”


See the power of the words come out from your mouth? In the same condition, the outcome can be totally different based on how you think, say and respond to it. This is some kind of coming true of your own prediction. But you may say “In a really bad situation, how can people say in positive?” Well, then pretend it. Even you don’t really think so, but if you speak in a positive way, your brain will collect the same positive evidence to prove your words, and eventually, it turns into reality. In contrast, if you are always negative, your brain will turn every situation into negativity, then you will find your life is so true a tragedy.


Always remind yourself to say positive words, and this is the most simple way to lead yourself to a happier life.


*** Strawberry Rose Quartz Positivity Necklace ***

I’d been thinking of using strawberry Roe Quartz to make an accessory but didn’t get a good chance. This time is perfect timing so I started working on designing. The color of this gemstone is light pink so I wanted to use some other darker pink stones to highlight the beauty.


I used asymmetry design on this necklace. The finished article is excellent. I really found the Asymmetry display while trying wearing it. See how it may show your charm with different performances.


It’s quite cold these a few days, but I love it. Winter, my favorit!


Celia  (designer and founder of cocolo.green)

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