[EP. 15]  Simply you can be more likable

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There a period of time that I felt everyone seemed to dislike me and what worst was I found I hate to get along with people, sometimes even including my family. I still remembered at the time, I was so curious why there are some people so popular and surrounded by lots of people. They looked so happy and I really want to be the one. Everyone has the experience of encountering downtime. It’s OK, only if you can learn something from it and get stronger.

Actually, there is one simple tip that can make you more likable, and it is “Compliment people behind their back.” It may not be difficult for you to recall last time in the team room when you heard someone told you that another colleague said that you are actually a good guy, or you are doing very well on the new project, or she/he likes your wearing style. By hearing from 3rd people makes the compliment not just a compliment, but so real that you accept it without a doubt. Immediately you feel you like the colleague as well because they know how to appreciate you.  “Oh, she/he actually has good taste.”

The phenomenon called “Windsor Effect”. People believe the compliment is more believable from the indirect source. So if you want to be a likable person, try complimenting others behind their back. Or, if you hear someone compliment others behind their back, you can retell them. They will reflect the same likeness on you. But do pay attention not to say bad words or the effect will also be much stronger.

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On a 4-day-off holiday, other than feeding myself big meals to praise hard work on the weekday, I wanted to create a piece of jewelry to show my diligence even on duty-off.

I have some beautiful Zirzon in several colors. Without knowing what really to do, I just used a thin golden wire to connect the gemstones to shape them in different forms. Eventually, simply shaped the wire in a circle with some cute Zirzon on seems workable.

The complete Earrings look wonderful. It’s so light both in weight and form, however dangling brightly on ears for you to wear any time comfortably and elegantly.

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Celia  (designer and founder of cocolo.green)

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