[EP. 11] Have enough sleep but still feel tired? Your brain is asking for help

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Think in the morningAct in the noonEat in the eveningSleep in the night. -William Blake

Why I constantly feel tired and sleepy even I sleep 8 hours everyday?” Many people have experienced this condition, which causes their poor performance in the day time. The reason for the fatigue is your brain still keeps running while you are sleeping. And your brain runs because:

  1. Feel unfinished
  2. Anxiety
  3. Not get enough rest

Let look into each reason:

1.Feel unfinished

Overwork but still got lots of works to do? Be a couch potato during the weekend and lost energy on Mon.? Even you think you have finished many things, if your brain feels unfinished it will keep running.

The solution is to set up 3 things to finish in one day, and cross it off once finished. They can be finishing a report, going to the bank, fixing the toilet.

2. Anxiety

Your brain will keep thinking about those things you’ve been worried about and end up to get you exhausted. The best way to solve it is by writing down all your worries on paper before going to bed.

“What if I lost my job? I won’t be able to pay my bills, my food, and my apartment rent. It’s not easy to find a new job, especially a job that I can continue for years. Will I become homeless?…”

This is a good way to release your worries and relax your brain, but people rarely like to take a pen and write down on paper. Maybe you should give it a shot.

3. Not get enough sleep

Especially for Desk Worker. Starring at a computer screen for 2 ~3 hours is a heavy burden to your brain. The fatigue won’t be erased by sleeping 8 hours in the night. The best way to tackle it is by taking a short time break every hour. You can work for 50 minutes and take a 10-minute rest to go to the toilet, close your eyes, take deep breaths, do slight exercise, etc.

Thank God that I sleep sweet almost everyday, and hope you have a nice sleep after reading this article.

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