3 hearts of cocolo.green:

  • Light and elegant hand-made jewelry for ladies who enjoy a simple lifestyle, love nature, and pursue mental growth.
  • Useful and inspired knowledge to implement right from tomorrow for your colorful life.  
  • Self-branded unique products satisfy your elegant taste. 

Hi there, I’m Celia, designer, and owner at cocolo.green, where offering useful knowledge & stories associated with inspiring hand-made jewelry to bring you smile and joy.
I loved handcraft. Using beautiful Japanese cloth to make a purse, or copper wire and colorful beads to make a necklace was my hobby. Rather than creating those accessories for wearing on myself, I preferred to send them to my family, friends as a gift. During the process of crafting, imagining what kind of reaction they might have when received my present was fun to me. Their joyful expression always made me happy while the moment they opened the gift box.
I’d never thought this hobby could turn into something different. However, you can never forecast exactly what might happen in your life. For personal health reasons, when an office job was no longer suitable for me, I got to find another way to at least support myself. It seemed so natural that I tried setting up a website and upgrading my skills of the craft.
On Jan 1st, 2020, cocologreen.com was officially launched, where you can find my daily shares of inspiring stories/knowledge and my best-new artworks. The “cocolo” means Heart in Japanese. I love its pronunciation and its meaning, – matching my main purpose of bringing mental strength to everyone.  And “green” stands for the Natural – natural Gemstones, 925 Sterling Silver, 14K Filled Gold are my main material. Also, the natural inner powers are what we need to dig for deeply. Actually, cocolo.green jewelry is not just an accessory, and I’ll say it is more like an talisman  to accompany you along the way to your fulfillment
Usually, the process of my crafting is from inspiring stories/knowledge, which you can find from my Blog page. According to it, I’ll choose the main Gemstones that have what said ancient power to bring joy, love, courage, etc. Once deciding the main stone, I’ll just see what inspirations I can feel at the moment to design the jewelry. Array gemstones on cloth or quickly draw a draft to have a more clear image, then I wok on crafting and modification. From story background inspiration to jewelry complete could take a whole day.
If you want to have a piece of custom jewelry, you are welcome to fill up the Custom Jewelry Sheet” or send me an e-mail to [email protected] anytime.
For updates on new jewelry, activities or anything else, welcome to follow me via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or YouTube as on the homepage footer.
Doing a job that I love can not only bring me happiness, it can also bring happiness to those who like my hand-made jewelry. Will you be one?

my best wishes

Celia  (designer and founder of cocolo.green)